Film Review: Garibaldi’s Lovers(2012)

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By Victoria Moussot

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Cast: Valerio Mastandrea, Alba Rohrwacher, Giuseppe Battiston, Claudia Gerini, Luca Zingaretti, Maria Paiato, Michele Maganza, Yang Shi, Luca Dirodi, Serena Pintucci, Fausto Russo Alesi, Giuseppe Cederna, Giselda Volodi, Gigio Alberti, Pierfrancesco Favino, Gianluca Guastella and Neri Marcore.

Director: Silvio Soldini

Synopsis: The main character Leno is a hardworking widower and father of two. He makes a crazy misstep when trying to hire a local mob lawyer to help get rid of his daughter’s public sex scandal. Leno dose not realizes that the scheming lawyer has him involved in a Mafia money laundering scam. Diana, a klutzy, adorable, and gifted young mural artist is another unwitting pawn in the mob lawyer’s scheme as she has been cheated out of her rent money by him. This light hearted romantic comedy is a series of stories told from the perspective that relationships, like Leno and Diana, sometimes just happen because people are thrown together by circumstances.

Review: For some we’re finishing up our first year here at STAC. Has it gone fast for you? Mostly I hear that this year has been a blur with adjustments and challenges to our way of thinking, doing, studying, and not to mention the living arrangements…whew! Maybe that is why I enjoyed this light hearted romantic comedy. This movie is a bit of fun chaos as each character has been cheated by fate and hurt by a betrayal and is trying to cope. But these oddballs, like the Chinese man whose Italian wife constantly accuses  him of cheating, are all likeable. In the end, this story resonates with the hopeful suggestion of  moving forward, not giving up, and being surprised by transformation.