Spring Break – Tropical Vacation = Fun!

Isabella Szklany, Contributor



With the first official day of spring break, on Saturday, March 7, there is a hoard of students making their way to the airport ready to spend a week relaxing on the beach. A week away with your friends seems like how every college student spends their spring break, but for many this is not true.

In reality, many students, like myself, have decided to make the trip home over the break and forgo a tropical vacation. For those college students heading home, it might be hard to see their friends’ beautiful social media posts of Florida or the Bahamas. With so many options and ways to spend a week, everyone, even those at home, can have fun over break!

When asking students what their plans are for being home, one of the most prominent replies is to sleep. With the spread of the Coronavirus and many other diseases, now is the perfect time to kick back and relax. Sleeping is the ideal way to recover from all the stress one has encountered over the semester and to recharge before classes start to pick up again.

One way that I am spending my break is by reconnecting with family. With plans to see the latest movie out in theaters, cooking my favorite meals, and spending the day with my aunt, I know for sure that all my homesickness will melt away the moment I step into my childhood home.

Not only does spending spring break at home provide the opportunity to reconnect with family, but with friends as well. Although everyone has made some great friends at STAC, we all miss our friends from home from sharing inside jokes or hanging out at your favorite spot. So pull out your phone and see which friends are around over the break!

Another great way to enjoy the break at home is to get outside and enjoy the weather as it starts to warm up! In New York City and the Lower Hudson Valley region, temperatures might hit 66 degrees Fahrenheit on Monday. So pull out those old hiking boots or sunbathing towels and soak in the sun.

Even though you may be one of the many students, like myself, who isn’t going away for spring break, there are still plenty of options and fun activities that one can do at home to have a fun week off!

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