Personal Experience at STAC: A Word to Future Graduates and Students

(Photo courtesy Here is an aerial view of STAC’s campus.

Jadyn Vargas, Contributor

Applying for college is one of the most stressful, nerve-wracking things to experience, especially as a high school student. There are so many expectations, goals, and overall stresses throughout the entire process. I was extremely nervous when applying to college just like most. 

There were so many thoughts that went through my head from start to finish; I didn’t know if I would get accepted, I didn’t know if I wanted to go, and I didn’t know what to expect. I applied to a few schools, but STAC was always my number one choice. Before even visiting the campus, I heard how amazing the school was because my uncle also attended and graduated in 2007.

Something that stuck out to me was how small the class sizes were. I am the type of person to get distracted very easily and I knew I would not be able to concentrate or pay attention being at a bigger school with class sizes of over 100 people. I knew I would struggle, and that drew me to STAC even more. I loved how close STAC was to my home: 40 minutes, the just right amount to live on campus, but to also come home any time I needed or wanted.

As I’m approaching the end of my time as a student at STAC, it is a bittersweet feeling. STAC has genuinely taught me so much and made the transition from high school to college not only bearable but enjoyable. Being a freshman, scared and not knowing what to expect, is tough. It’s tough on your mental, emotional, and physical health. I loved being able to experience my four years of college here. It has brought me friends that will last a lifetime, teachers I can continue to keep in contact with and learn from, and most of all an amazing education that will make me nothing short of successful.  The foundation STAC has created academically and socially truly makes it what it is. 

Being in my final semester at STAC, I have learned so much about balancing schoolwork, being a student-athlete, excelling in school, as well as maintaining a social life. There are things I  have learned over the years that helped me be successful and strive.

(Photo courtesy Spartan Athletics): Jadyn Vargas poses for her headshot for the STAC women’s triathlon team.

Time management was a major part of my success in college, which I learned very quickly. Balancing your time and being aware of your schedule is going to get you through college all in itself.

Being organized is absolutely vital. Writing things down and checking things off is extremely important and an amazing way to keep track of the things you need to do.

Giving yourself a break is just as important as the work itself. It is extremely easy to get in your own head, lose focus, and feel overwhelmed. I have learned that when I feel those things, I need to close the computer, take a deep breath, simply take a break, and come back when my head is cleared.

It is so, so important to put yourself first. Things get crazy and life continues, and it is detrimental to make sure your mental, physical, and emotional health are all well. 

Graduating from college is an immense accomplishment in itself, and in my opinion, bigger than most people make it seem. Four years fly by quicker than you can imagine. Take advantage of every single second and opportunity that comes your way. There is always a way to have fun and not let the work overwhelm you. Take it seriously. Get involved in as many extracurricular activities as you can, because it matters. Take the opportunities that come your way and put yourself out there. The four years will take a toll on you, but it’ll be worth every second. Take pride in even making it to this point, as you are smart and determined. You’ve made it a step further than most. 

Congratulations to the Class of 2021!