the rain – a poem

Sarah Scerbak, Writer

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The window is cracked 

ever so slightly. 

A gentle breeze 

brushes past my face 


It feels good. 

Like that one compliment, 

that one achievement, 

that one moment 

that expels a sigh of relief 

from deep inside your chest 

because life 

is finally being good to you. 


My eyes are closed. 

My ears are tingling; 

the clouds 

have just started 

their symphony. 


I don’t want to see 

I don’t want to think 

I just want to 




I just want to listen 

to those angelic drops 

cascading down 

from the world above. 


Little bundles 

of serenity 



relieving the earth 

of its pain and suffering 

as they reach 

the surface. 


The rain. 


You soothe my soul, 

calm my mind, 

and heal my spirit.