STAC’s Spring Club Fair Wasn’t Playa-ing Around!

Grady Brunelle, Co-Editor

Walking into a crowded event on campus as a freshman can be intimidating. Liam Armstrong, a freshman and an undecided major, walked through the club fair looking at all of the tables, wondering where he would fit best. 

He listened to a lot of speeches, got some free lollipops from the various booths, and considered the club pitches he had heard from his peers. 

After leaving the Communication Arts Club booth, he said the fair was a “great opportunity for him to check out new majors and see what interested him up close”.

On Monday, February 6, STAC’s Romano Center was home to over fourteen clubs and organizations, each showing off their opportunities for the spring semester and opening up their clubs for enrollment.

Each club was assigned to a table, with one representative from the club meeting with students. Most clubs had a small gift for their prospective members, such as candy or stickers. 

The purpose of the club fair is for students to interact with each club on campus and learn about different ways of connecting with fellow students, learn more about their major, or even explore a new path they haven’t considered yet.

All students who attended the club fair had the opportunity to earn a free Playa Bowl courtesy of Student Activities.

Students who interacted with a club leader and listened to an overview of their club earned a hand stamp. When a student received three stamps, they were eligible to make a free Playa Bowl. 

Many students who already made their Playa Bowls continued to talk with club leaders because of how fun and interesting the fair was!

The club fair was also a great opportunity for club leaders to expand their organizations. The club fair is important for STAC because it not only presents students with alternatives, but it also gives our student leaders a chance to demonstrate their leadership skills,” said STAC GSA president Darius Storms. 

Organizing a booth for the club fair takes time, consideration, planning and attention to detail. It also requires club leaders to have great communication skills; they need to be able to present all of the information about their club quickly and entice people to join their club. 

The club fair is a good opportunity for clubs to garner exposure and growth for their clubs. It encourages students of all kinds to expand their outreach on campus, club leaders to build their personal skills, and allows students to have fun and make new friends during their time on campus.

Since there are so many kinds of clubs on campus, there is a safe space for everyone to connect and make friends. 

Representatives from STAC GSA, Nerd Club, Commuter Student Organization, Paws for Change, Criminal Justice Club, Communication Arts Club, Alpha Phi Omega, Laertes Players, Student Government Association, WSTK Radio, Business Club, Investment Club, Ambassadors for Christ, Science Club, and The Thoma were all in attendance on Monday. 

Here’s a look at some campus clubs:


The Gender Sexuality Alliance, is set up as a safe space for students of all identities to come together, make friends, find support, and have fun events built around awareness and acceptance. 

Nerd Club

Nerd Club is a club designed for video gamers, anime fans, superhero lovers, and anyone who has a heart for science-y entertainment! Meeting activities include Super Smash Bros tournaments, new TV show screenings, and pop culture discussions.

Commuter Student Organization

The Commuter Student Organization is a group for students who do not live on campus in order to make sure that off-campus students still feel included in campus life.

Alpha Phi Omega

Alpha Phi Omega is a service co-ed fraternity on campus that hosts and attends community service events. 

Laertes Players

Laertes Players is the STAC performing arts club, open to all interested in acting and performing. They put on one play per semester. 

Student Government Association (SGA)

Student Government Association (SGA) is the “head” club. It overlooks the other clubs, assists with budgets, forms, constitutional matters, and overall leadership in the STAC student life. They host fun events on campus such as bingo and sports watch parties.  

WSTK Radio

WSTK Radio is a group of students who take turns in their “DJ” slots playing their playlists in the Romano Student Center. 

Business Club

Business Club is a club for anyone interested in the business program on campus. It connects students who are involved in the program and hosts educational meetings regarding the business world. They frequently have professional speakers at their meetings who offer valuable professional advice.

The Investment Club

The Investment Club is for students interested in financial management, the stock market, and future financial planning. It is a highly educational club intended to provide members with experience and knowledge about the tricky world of investment and personal finances. 

Ambassadors for Christ

Ambassadors for Christ is a faith-based club that was established to connect students of faith and intertwine the Mission and education. 

Science Club

Science Club is a place for anyone interested in the science program. Open to all majors and minors, it is a club for anyone interested in the field of science.

The Thoma

The Thoma is an opportunity for students to practice their skills in writing, journalism, and communications, which covers events on campus in articles just like this one.

If any of these clubs sound like something you’d be interested in, all of the current club leader’s information is located on the STAC website.

Darius Storms explains the mission of STAC clubs, saying “Our main goal as clubs is to inspire change at STAC, and the club fair was the first step in doing so.”