Mental Health Tips for Finals Week

Grady Brunelle, Co-Editor

Stay Healthy, Spartans!

By Grady Brunelle


The air on the college campus has felt different this past week as students continue to cram for final exam, projects, papers, and presentations. Walking down the hall or past the library, students can be seen hunched over laptops with iced coffees beside them and their earbuds in, working hard on assignments.

Finals week can be stressful for anyone, both students and professors alike. Before you pull that all-nighter studying for an exam or grading papers, here are some tips everyone can use to preserve your mental health while successfully preparing for finals!


  1. Change your scenery
    Head outside to read over notes, sit in the library to write, or move from your bed to a desk or table to work on equations! Moving for a few minutes and getting your body out of a routine space will reinvigorate your brain and allow you to keep working.


  1. Drink water
    Drink water the whole time you are working. It isn’t healthy to spend hours sitting at a computer or in a book, but sometimes it is necessary! In order to stay hydrated, productive, and healthy, keep replenishing your fluids and drink water while working.


  1. Pomodoro
    The pomodoro studying technique is a relatively new method to help the brain work for a long period of time without reducing productivity or function. You would work for a completely focused 25-minute period, then take a five-minute break to free your mind of all tasks. Then you get right back to work. The short break allows your brain to not get overwhelmed and continue working hard for long period of time.


  1. Listen to your favorite songs, but with a twist
    It has been scientifically proven that studying with music playing helps improve brain function, but if hearing lyrics distracts or overwhelms you while you are working, look up the name of your favorite song and type “instrumental” afterwards. Most likely someone has uploaded a cover of that song, whether it be on guitar, piano, or even drums! This will allow you to enjoy your favorite tunes without getting distracted.


  1. Take a nap

In order to perform at your best, you need to have at least 7-8 hours of sleep. If you are staying up late at night and feeling tired during the day, experts recommend taking a nap to revitalize yourself. Studies show the most effective naps are actually eight minutes long. It allows for a quick recharge without becoming too groggy.


Good luck during finals everyone and I hope these tips help!