CAREER ADVICE: Meet Career Ambassador, Victoria Perrotta


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Career Development is defined as the ongoing acquisition or refinement of skills and knowledge,including job mastery and professional development, coupled with career planning activities.

Job mastery skills are those that are necessary to successfully perform one’s job. This stands true for the Career Development office here at St. Thomas Aquinas College. There are many events and services that are offered to all of the students and alumni alike. The Career development office is one of the most valuable resources to students here at the college. The students of STAC come to college to earn an education about their desired field, but what good is an education if they cannot get a job after college.

The purpose of the Career Development office is to help students gain the knowledge and skills they need for the workforce no matter what their desired field is. As a Career Ambassador I volunteer six hours a week in the Career Development office helping students with resume writing skills, SpartanJobs (our Job posting system), and other valuable skills for navigating the Career Development website and other job sites, like LinkedIn. I also attend and help many of the Career Development events that offer valuable information and skills for the entire student body. There are many events each semester, the Job and Internship fairs that we have both on and off campus, Dining Etiquette, Mock Interview Programs, Prepare of the Fair Series, and even Dress for Success. There are some events that are held both in the Fall and Spring, but many are not. These events are designed around what employers, parents, and faculty have suggested, what students have asked to learn about, and others are basics skills that have been crafted over many years so that they perfect amount of information. All of the events are created and hosted for the purpose of bettering the student body. The Career Development office tailors its events and services for the students and their personal development.

The Career Development Office is a great asset for the entire student body. Any student at any point in the college career can come to the Career Development office. The office is located in the Romano Center, upstairs next to the Student Life Offices. We really hope to see you all in there soon and come get some valuable tips and skills.