STAC, Social Media Marketing, and a Bouje Workout

Winship 5

Christopher Jordan

This semester promises to see Professor Winship’s Social Media Marketing class whipped into shape! As students work with local business Bouje Fitness to create a social media content strategy and marketing plan, they also want to spread the word throughout the STAC community about the incredible product that is Bouje.

Bouje—which means “move” in Haitian Creole—is the brainchild of Roby Desir, former Zumba instructor. It incorporates multi-cultural music and dance moves, high intensity interval training, tai chi, kickboxing, yoga, and strength training into a high energy, cardiovascular dance workout.



Bouje’s seeds were planted when Zumba participants asked Roby to expand beyond the typical Latin-based music and dance moves. Leveraging his diverse dance training and DJ experience, he developed the next “evolution” in cardiovascular fitness. Along with being Zumba certified, Roby is a NASM certified personal trainer, while Bouje’s co-owner, Lori Bastone, is a personal trainer and nutritional specialist. In incorporating pieces from each of their specialties, Roby created a fitness program capable of burning 1000 calories an hour. Best of all, Bouje can be performed by people of all ages.


“If you can move, you can Bouje,” Roby likes to say.


Bouje Fitness was started in 2014. It is based in Orange County, but offers courses throughout Orange County, Rockland County, and West Point, NY. In partnering with the company, the students in Social Media Marketing get the opportunity to work with a company in its early stages of development, with unlimited growth potential.


“Thanks to the generosity of Bouje Fitness, my students can apply social media content and marketing strategies to a real business,” notes Professor Winship. “There is no better way to prepare for life beyond graduation. In fact, many of my students secure internships and employment based upon these, and similar, in-class experiences.”


At this point, students are hard at work, racing toward a December 9th deadline, when they will formally present their content strategy and marketing plan. Anticipation is building, especially since Bouje Fitness has promised to offer several internships based upon the proposal.


“I’m excited and nervous,” CA major Nicole Lynch admits. “This is a very challenging project, requiring extensive research and creativity. Still, it’s rewarding to know I’m practicing skills that will make me more marketable, while potentially helping a real client.”