Niagara Falls, Ontario: A Fabulous Experience


The captivating scene of the crystallized Niagara Falls during the winter months can be compared to no other. A brief stroll down the length of the falls will spray onlookers with a cool mist from the natural wonder and provide tourists with a memorable experience. Best seen from the Canadian side of this international attraction, Niagara Falls on the Ontario side is a great choice for your next travel excursion.

The Falls itself is alluring, but so is the nightlife in the area. Everything you could imagine for the perfect vacation is all within walking distance from the falls. The Fallsview Casino Resort has the glitz and glam of an American casino with one main difference–a currency exchange in your favor. Every U.S. dollar you convert yields a greater amount in Canadian dollars, thus leaving you with more money to play the tables and slots. Even if you have no desire to gamble, the casino is still the place to exchange American currency for Canadian currency with the best rate possible, much better than a hotel or bank.

Just steps outside the casino is the main strip through town, with some of the best restaurants you will not just eat at, but experience. The Keg, located on the ninth floor of Embassy Suites, provides diners with an amazing view of the falls, day or night. This expensive steakhouse is made affordable through meal vouchers given out by most hotels in the area, and be sure to ask your server to seat your party near the window.

Perhaps the most magnificent views of Niagara Falls can be found within the Skylon Tower. This tower features an amazing 360 degree observation deck and a revolving dining room. Any meal you order from this unique restaurant will be one of the best meals you will ever have, and the panoramic views of the city are unparalleled. Make sure to purchase a Groupon for dinner to apply a huge discount to your meal, and order a drink that comes with a complimentary Tower Glass!

Groupon will not let you down for other attractions in the area. First off, book your hotel through Groupon to get great deals on fantastic rooms with a view. Second, check out deals for Bodies Revealed, the “fascinating and real” exhibition that uses actual preserved human bodies to educate and inspire viewers about the complexity of the human form. Lastly, check the site for local deals on wine tastings. While some hotels may offer vouchers for wine touring packages, Groupon can be a great tool to use for a wider selection. Regardless of how you pay for the experience, the most important point is to take it. Explore the smaller towns on the lake and drive just twenty minutes to wine country for a perfect day out. No matter which winery you choose to visit, save a taste for one of Canada’s delicious ice wines that pair perfectly with any dessert and take some home as a souvenir.

While touring the great Niagara Falls region, you may be tempted to buy knick-knacks to commemorate your travel. The best way to make the most of your money is to wait until you are leaving Canada and stop at the Duty Free shop. If you take the Peace Bridge home instead of the Rainbow Bridge, you will come across “the largest Duty Free shop in North America.” You can buy the same things you saw at the various shops in town here for much cheaper, allowing you to buy more and have a better selection. Especially when buying wines, wait until you arrive at the Duty Free shop to buy the same exact wine you tasted at an incredibly reduced price.

With an amazing array of things to do and great discounts, make Niagara Falls, Ontario your next travel destination. The falls are a natural beauty and there are so many ways to view them, up close and personal and from amazing heights. Book your hotel, grab a passport, and head up to see the fabulous frozen falls!

-Jenna Hutchins