How College is Going So Far…

By Kathryn Cambrea

When I was a senior in high school, I did not know what college would bring or what it would even be like for that matter. I grew up in a small town where the students who were my classmates in high school were the same kids I have come to know since elementary school. To me, high school was familiarity. What would college bring?

Well, I am now a freshman at St. Thomas Aquinas College, and I am amazed at what college has brought. The morning of my first day of classes, I was scared. I had to find each and every classroom before my first class began, and I did. But, from the moment I walked into my first class, I was happy. My professors are incredible, and I have already learned so much from each of them.

I have already met my advisor, Dr. Durney. I am a Communications Arts major, specializing in journalism. He is the professor of my Introduction to Mass Media class. He has supplied me with the guidance and confidence I need as I progress my way through the semester and kick off my college experience.

I have already made some incredible friends. By going on the Circle Line cruise earlier this semester, attending and working at Oktoberfest, and joining clubs like WSTK Spartan Radio, I met such kind people. I even made friends through working together in other classes. In my high school, social circles were etched in the hallways, tangible and visible, uncrossed. I am happy to say that in college, all it takes is a smile.

The college dynamic is certainly different from high school. You advocate for yourself. You make your own decisions. Yet, that’s the beauty of it all. Freedom! But with this freedom comes a sense of responsibility. You get to choose when you do your work. You hold the cards in constructing your schedule. As long as you find the perfect balance between social interaction, academics, and rest, you will make the most out of your college experience.

So, what would I say to my high school self? Don’t worry, Kat. College is not as stressful as it seems, as long as you put the work into it, which I know you will. You will meet people who will have such a positive impact on your life. These friends and mentors will only help you grow into the person who it is your destiny to be.