Midterms Are Upon Us

Laura Herbes, Contributor

The time has come to put our knowledge to the test. Midterm exams are nearing, and it is important, now more than ever, to focus on your studies. As the stress builds, the papers pile up, and soon all hope will be lost. So here are a few tips on how to prepare for your midterm exams.

First, sleep. Yes, you want to spend every waking minute trying to cram weeks worth of knowledge into your head, but it is very important for you to strive for at least eight hours of sleep. Getting enough sleep will not only help you to retain the information needed to pass, but it will help to keep you healthy. Trying to study with a cold is never fun. With the help of eight hours of sleep you will not only stay healthy, but your brain will be better prepared to comprehend all those equations in front of you.

Brain food is a must. Whether you are a breakfast person or not, it is important to start your day off right with a healthy meal. If you are hungry, you are more likely to focus on food rather than the words of Shakespeare. Besides your two to three meals a day, it’s important to snack. Snack as you study, and be sure to drink lots of water. Yes, that fourth coffee looks appealing, but your brain thrives better off of water, so drink up.

Good time management is the way to success. Yes, it is tempting to re-watch The Office for the tenth time, but I ask that you try to refrain and instead pick up the Orgo book and get to work. Try to break your studying up into smaller time frames, so instead of studying for six hours straight, break it up. Start with a two-hour study session and then take a thirty-minute break. This will help to give your brain a little bit of a break. During this thirty-minute break you could go for a little walk outside and clear your mind. It is important to take small breaks while studying so you don’t exhaust your mind before you even take the exam.

So grab a water and some snacks because midterms are near. It’s time to learn all the things we have neglected, to write all those papers on stories we hardly read. It’s here where we start to regret skipping that class three weeks ago, but do not fear for your professors have office hours. Be sure to use them when in doubt, and good luck with the exams to come.