Reflect – a poem


(Photo courtesy Isis Daley): Brianna Randazzo is pictured walking outside.

Brianna Randazzo, Writer

Have you taken a moment to


On your life, 

on your past,

on the present


just in general?


It occurred to me that 

I have had such an impact

on people,

on the world around me,


in other things I do.

Do you?


If you take time to reflect


you will feel grateful to have come so far.

You will feel happy about your impact.

If you don’t,

then look inside yourself.

See what you’re missing


fill that void.

Live your life for you

and only you.

Make yourself happy first.


Continue reflecting on your life

while you’re living it.

Look in the mirror and

look at the person who looks like you 

that is glaring back at you.

Is it you?

Who is looking back at you?


Who are you

is not the question.

The question is:

Who do you want to be?

You can be anyone

or anything

you want to be.



Give your soul life.

Flourish when looking 

at the reflection

of your life

or even at your own reflection.

That reflection visible

in the mirror

in a pond

or in the windows 

as you pass by

walking through life.


But don’t forget to 

look at the 


of your soul.

Because it’s what your

physical reflection

does not display.

Know your impact.


the truth is, 

you’ll never realize how large it is.



because it makes you happy.

It keeps you


It shows how great you are

and it makes you who you are.


Reflect because

you have touched 





in irreplaceable ways.


Take time to reflect 

on all the greatness

that you harness inside

and that you have given to the world.


It’s about looking internally

to see what you hold

and provide

externally to

impact those 

and the world around you.


Start appreciating that reflection

that you see.

For it means more 

than you think.

You have come so far.

You are right where you should be


you’re on your way to 

even more 


Remember to reflect

along the way.